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We offer a unique service that couples enormous experience of working in the education system and the simple but profound understanding of the Three Principles.

Peter Anderson, retired headteacher and Three Principles facilitator

About Anderson Wellbeing

Peter Anderson has worked as a teacher and headteacher for nearly 40 years.  His passion is to help children and adults navigate life more peacefully and with more grace.

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What are the Three Principles

The Three Principles are a way of helping us navigate life with more resilience, wellbeing and clarity of mind. They offer a simple but profound way of seeing how we create our moment to moment existence.

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He was happy for the first time in ages and I’m pleased to say so were we! We had our son back.

Kim (Pierce's Mum)

We offer one to one support for children from 5 to 18, we have a huge amount of experience and success in helping children free themselves from problems.  In addition we work one to one with adults and couples. We also offer immersion retreats, public events and courses.

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There is a cross section of published and unpublished research articles and papers addressing the effectiveness of the Three Principles within a diversity of fields.   A number of these research articles are focused solely on Education and the effects an understanding of the Three Principles has had.

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She came home after that one session an entirely different child.  She has been given a skill for life

Charlotte's Story

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