Three Principles

What are they?

What are the Three Principles

The Three Principles are an understanding of the mind that point towards an entirely different paradigm of human experience and evolution.

This understanding is not based on techniques, philosophy, psychology, spiritualism, religion, nor on theories or concepts. It provides ‘foundational’ principles behind each person’s unique psychological experience of life.

A ‘by-product’ of understanding these simple principles is having less on one’s mind, greater wellbeing, peace of mind and access to our innate humanity and good feeling towards others.

What are some of the results?

  • 90% increase in the ability to remain calm regardless of circumstance
  • 63% increase in feelings of goodwill and respect
  • 80% reduction in school truancy rates
  • 75% reduction in school discipline referrals and suspension
  • 500% increase in parental involvement in schools
  • 62% reduction in violent crime
  • 100% reduction in homicides
  • 74% reduction in assaults
  • Significant reduction in stress and absenteeism in the workplace.


Where has it been applied?

  • Education (primary and secondary schools)
  • Prisons and Jails
  • Corporations
  • Addiction
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Psychiatry and mental health
  • War veteran rehabilitation
  • Communities
  • Government Organisation
  • Health Care
  • Policing
  • Sporting Performance
  • Parenting and relationships

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